Dental X-Rays: How Often Should You Have X-rays

Dentistry uses dental x-rays for a variety of reasons. Your first visit to a new dentist will often include x-rays, this gives the new dentist a good overview of your teeth and the jaw bones. What are dental x-rays Dental x-rays Toronto are the same type of x-rays (electromagnetic imaging) used in hospitals to see broken bones and other things. The only difference with dental imaging is how they are… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental February 27, 2018

What Is Teeth Bonding And Who Would Use It

A tooth bonding is a painless dental procedure which can be used for many different reasons. How does dental bonding work? The dentist uses a special resin that has the colour of a tooth, which he places on your damaged tooth, then helps it cure with a special light. Once the last layer is hard, the dentist, will then polish and shape it to look like your natural teeth. No… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental February 20, 2018

Why You Should Have Bi-annual Dental Checkups

The main reason you should have a bi-annual dental checkups Toronto is to ensure that your teeth are healthy and have no cavities. Early detection of dental problems will lead to better prognosis However, there are some other reasons to have bi-annual dental check-ups. What are the purpose of a dental checkup  • The main thing a dental checkup is looking for is cavities or other teeth       … Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental February 13, 2018

Nitrous Oxide Sedation In Dentistry

If you have ever been sedated at the dentist, then chances are it was a nitrous oxide that was used. What is nitrous oxide Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is a colorless, semi-sweet smelling, nonflammable gas that can be used for a mild sedation. Typically nitrous oxide lasts about 5 minutes. If the dentist needs you sedated longer they will add another agent with it. How is nitrous oxide used Nitrous… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental February 6, 2018

Crowns Or Bridges Which Is A Better Choice For You

Unless you know what a crown bridge Toronto is you really cannot make an informed decision as to which would be the better choice for yourself. The difference between crowns and bridges While both are attached dental pieces directly on the tooth they work slightly differently. The crown A crown is used to cover the top of an injured tooth. Besides reinforcing the injured tooth they can also be utilized… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental January 30, 2018

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