What is Tooth Sensitivity

Are you experiencing sensitive teeth? Our dentist Dr. Lily Lo at Lawrence Avenue Dental shares her insight and interesting facts about sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is the discomfort caused by a cold or hot sensation to the dentin. Dentin is basically the layer under the hard enamel of the teeth. When the dentin is exposed, it means it has lost its protective covering and the nerves and roots are also… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental June 9, 2019

Do Composite Veneers Ruin your Teeth?

Do composite veneers ruin your teeth? You might be wondering about composite veneers and if they might ruin your teeth. There are a few things you need to understand about veneers and how they impact your mouth and teeth. About Veneers Whenever you want to improve your smile sometimes having your teeth cleaned or whitened is not enough. When you have significant staining on your teeth or your teeth or… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental May 19, 2019

Dental Veneers for Strong, Healthy Teeth in Toronto

Veneers Toronto A healthy vibrant smile used to be something some people were just born with. With advances in dental technology, strong, straight pearly-whites are now available to everyone in the form of dental veneers. Dental veneers are thin, porcelain or composite resin exterior shells that are fitted over your natural teeth. They enhance smiles and correct natural imperfections. They can also be used to fix cavities, whiten teeth permanently,… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental April 26, 2019

Braces and Invisalign Differences

Braces and Invisalign Differences - What are they? When it comes to braces, Invisalign® is only one type of braces. So, what is the difference between regular braces and Invisalign®? Speak to Your Dentist To determine the right type of braces for your needs you should see your dentist there are both pros and comes to Invisalign® when compared to traditional braces. Only your dentist can determine what is going… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental April 19, 2019

Cosmetic Dentistry in Toronto

IT'S EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE TO ENHANCE THE LOOK OF YOUR SMILE Cosmetic Dentistry in Toronto Cosmetic dental treatments are the area of dentistry focused around different methods to improve the appearance of your smile - all with a goal to help you smile with complete confidence. From teeth whitening, bonding, re-shaping to crowns and veneers, there are numerous of options to help you smile more! With the advancement in… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental April 5, 2019

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