braces in toronto understanding orthodontics

Braces in Toronto – Understanding Orthodontics

Unattractive smiles, bad breath, tooth decay and tooth erosion are some of the common dental problems that are never any fun, but with increased problems come solutions. Science has advanced in almost every field over the past few years and the problems that once were impossible to fix are now easier than ever to address.

Malocclusion can be defined as the misaligned teeth of the two opposite dental arches, the difference in the relation of the dental arches becomes more evident when they approach each other as the jaws close.

What is Orthodontics?

“The study of the treatment, diagnosis and factors affecting the alignment of teeth and jaws in the field of dentistry is called Orthodontics”.

There are many factors that affect the alignment of your teeth and jaws and every factor demands to be treated differently with some corrective devices such as Braces, Headgear, clear aligners, etc.

What are The Advantages of Orthodontics?

The thought of orthodontic braces can be daunting and terrifying, but this shouldn’t be a thing to worry about as new research says “Up to 4 million kids in the U.S.A have braces”.Doctors highly recommend interceptive orthodontics (orthodontic treatment at an early age) as the jaws and teeth of young children are in the process of development making it easier to treat the malocclusion.

However, the main goal of orthodontic treatment is to properly guide the jaw and airway development instead of just straightening the teeth. Here are some of the benefits of orthodontic treatment:

  • It prevents gum diseases and tooth decay.
  • It helps in reducing the difficulties of chewing and eating.
  • It improves the facial features and appearance of the smile.
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence.

What Type Of Issues Can They Address?

Whether it’s a misaligned jaw or misplaced midline teeth, only an experienced dermatologist can guide you better if you actually need the treatment or not. Consult your dermatologist before making any decision. From medical health history to family history and clinical exams, X-rays and photographs, it takes a whole lot of a process to determine whether or not you need to get the treatment done.

Orthodontic treatment addresses the following dental problems.

Crowded Teeth

This is the most common dental problem that is best treated early. Crowded teeth are a result of disharmony among the jaws and teeth. The problem occurs when the jaw is under-developed and has a lack of space for the teeth to accommodate, resulting in the teeth to overlap and twist.
Braces can realign and correct the crowding to give you a beautiful and attractive smile.


It is a dental condition that gives a “bulldog appearance” and it is characterized by the outward extension of lower teeth farther than upper front teeth.

Buck teeth or Overbite

Overbite is the opposite of underbite which is characterized by the outward extension of upper jaw that overlaps your lower jaw.


Diastema is the abnormal spacing or gaps between the two teeth. The condition arises when the teeth are too small for the jaw bone resulting in abnormal spacing and gaps.

Dental Misplaced Midline

The Misplaced midline is asymmetry issue characterized by the difference in the centre of the upper front teeth with the centre of the lower teeth.

These are just a few good options available to seek expert dental advice in Toronto. Dental treatments particularly orthodontic treatments require professional expertise and guidance. You can visit Lawrence Avenue Dental with principal dentist – Dr Lily Lo. Lawrence Avenue Dental and their dental team have been helping patients of all ages address orthodontic issues for the last 20 years.

If you are concerned about your smile, have questions about braces in Toronto, or you have been hesitant about getting braces, give us a call today. With the many options (some of them are nearly invisible), it’s never been easier to straighten your smile.

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Lawrence Avenue Dental March 3, 2019