How can I find affordable dental implants in Toronto

Are you wondering how you can find affordable dental implants Toronto?

First, you have to consider the whole procedure and the people that work the entire process before you can really compare prices and decide if one dentist is more affordable than another.

Dental implants procedure and process

You cannot just walk into the office and say I want dental implants and walk out with them.

There is a process that is necessary to have dental implants done, and that process includes;

  • Consultation and further follow-up exams
  • X-rays both pre and after the procedure of implant
  • Extraction if needed
  • Bone grafting if needing
  • The dental implant of the titanium post (root)
  • Install of the cap on the post
  • Any post-surgery medical treatments needed

All of those things must be looked at when you are looking at prices to decide which clinic offers the most affordable dental implants. Also, you need to talk to your dental coverage to see what percentage, if any, that is covered for dental implants.

You should also be aware that there are credit companies which finance medical care and offer no interest or low-interest credit loans for medical care including dental implants.

Speak to your Toronto dentist; he or she should be able to help you find out what you need to know when it comes to comparing prices and possible medical care credit companies.

The Lawrence dentist office will be happy to assist you in any way when it comes to comparing costs or finding possible medical care credit. We will certainly be happy to do a consultation to see if you would be a good candidate for dental implants and break down the cost of implants for you at our facility so please stop by, call, or contact online.


Lawrence Avenue Dental April 21, 2018