How safe is sedation dentistry in Toronto?

  Sedation dentistry Toronto is very safe and can help patients receive the dental care they need while reducing their anxieties and fears. What is sedation dentistry Sedation dentistry uses sedation in order to reduce a patient’s anxiety and ears about dental procedures; including children. Children are most often the ones who will have the most anxiety and fear about the dentist but some adults are also and sedation dentistry… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental April 27, 2018

How To Afford Dental Care For The Whole Family On A Budget

Dental care is very essential whatever your age and whatever your financial situation is. If you are on a very tight budget, you may have a lot of concern about receiving the care you need to maintain a healthy mouth and to prevent future dental problems. However, there are many ways to receive family dentistry in Toronto without breaking the bank. 1. Research Your Options Research dentists near you to… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental April 18, 2018

What Is the Average Cost of Dental Implants in Toronto?

Before starting treatment, you need to know the average cost dental implants Toronto. This will help you decide if a dental implant is the right option for you. Average Costs Dental implants usually costs between $1,500 and $6,000, but they can cost as much as $20,000. The exact amount varies according to the complexity of the treatment. For instance, if your jawbone is too weak to support an implant, you… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental April 2, 2018

Are Teeth Veneers Right For You

Making the decision about teeth veneers Toronto can be tough; but, your dentist can help you by providing all the information you need. What are veneers Veneers are extremely thin layers of porcelain which is bonded to the teeth. How do veneers work •Veneers are used to hide stains, cracks, and small chips. •They can make your teeth look even in length and help give you a beautiful smile. Will… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental March 31, 2018

How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning in Toronto Usually Take?

When scheduling your appointment, it is useful to know how long a teeth cleaning Toronto is likely to take. The answer will depend on how long it has been since your last teeth cleaning and how well you take care of your oral hygiene. The Average Appointment Length If you’ve been receiving regular dental cleanings, your appointment will likely last around 30 minutes. Those with sensitive teeth or a fear… Read More

Lawrence Avenue Dental March 29, 2018

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