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Christmas Newsletter 2017


December, 2017

Dear Friends,


Hello everyone!  It’s the Christmas holiday season again and it’s time for my Annual Xmas Newsletter.  Thank you for being our patient and trusting your dental health to the care of Lawrence Avenue Dental, and 16th Avenue Dental.  My associates, hygienists and I always look forward to seeing you and we take pride in giving you and your family excellent dental care.  Thanks, too, for clicking onto this letter and taking the time to read the yearly update on me, my team, and the dental clinic (a personal literary endeavour since 2001).   Speaking on the behalf of my entire team, we are so gratified that you are our loyal patients.  I hope that you are well despite all of life’s challenges, and we wish you all peace and good tidings during this time and throughout the New Year.

FYI, for our new patients and readers, I normally begin my ~2000-word newsletter (yes, feel free to grab a snack or some tea), with an update on my family, and then I discuss office news (new staff, procedures/ technology), followed by an update on my associates.  Finally, I end with a light-hearted “Dr. Lo’s Top 10” list of a subject which is generally amusing, if not entertaining.  So let’s get started!


First, the latest news on my just -turned -24 year old daughter, Kaitlyn, is that she has a steady boyfriend now.  Yep.  Met him during her first year at UofT medical school and they have been dating ever since.  As an “objective” parent, I must admit that Katie and Shawn are well suited in personality and interests.   They both enjoy hot yoga, music, Asian cooking, baking, working out, and fine dining (they are definitely “Foodies” and Michelin star restaurant seekers).   During the past summer, Katie and some friends visited Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan for a wonderful holiday staying in some “swanky” hostels.  Then for the October study week, Katie hiked the mountain at Machu Picchu, to experience amazing scenery at a challengingly high altitude (see photo below).   She brought back some local “Coca tea” which I believe is from the cocaine plant, but I’m not sure because I’ve not tried it yet (saving it for New Year’s Eve).

However, for Katie, who is now in 2nd year Medicine, the curriculum has become quite punishing with no more “babying” from the professors and hospital staff.   Katie is suffering being at the bottom of the totem pole, but fortunately, she is still enthusiastic to learn and devote herself as a future doctor with the belief that she can truly make the world a better place (she is a “Millennial”, after all).  I only wished that all the world leaders had this same vision.

Katie at Machu Picchu – elevation 2430m


As for Tyler, my 20-year-old son, he has finally stopped growing at 6ft 1inch tall (a giant by Chinese standards).  He eats about 6 meals a day and is working out regularly at the gym to complete his Superman transformation.  While he towers over us like Yao Ming, he is not a college athlete.  Rather, he is in his 3rd year studying Engineering Management at U of Waterloo.  As part of his co-op program, Tyler lives at home alternating with living at Waterloo every 4 months.  Most of the time, he’s either at work or in his bedroom typing away on the computer.  We only know he’s home because there are dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and clothes in his laundry bin to wash.

So far, he has held jobs in Toronto working as a web developer for companies like Flipp, and Jiffy – both are internet “App” services to help customers locate deals for shopping or home maintenance. Occasionally, when Tyler finally emerges from his bedroom, detached from his computer, I look at him and I think “Who is that tall, spiky haired young man?”  But then he grins and says, “Hi Mom, is dinner ready?” and I know he’s still my little boy.

Last August, I was fortunate to spend 3 days with Tyler travelling in Iceland (truly a land of fire and ice with rugged, untouched beauty).  We had an awesome time touring on our own (see photo below), and we were able to communicate with each other without texting.  It was a wonderful time to be remembered for the rest of my life as a mother.

Tyler and I, at the foot of a stretch of basalt rock cliff in a remote part of Western Iceland – a place where you can only hear the deafening sound of silence…

Tyler standing on a 3 foot wide lava tunnel bridge, near the “Snaefellsnes” pennisula.  (No, I didn’t sneeze)


As for myself, well, I have found out that although our young adult children need us less, they are still dependent on us financially, and helping them even away from home  in their student residences (moving, cleaning, buying furniture and things, paying the rent…) since they are studying in University for an undetermined length of time.  It’s pretty tiring.  As well, we now have to focus on taking care of our ailing elderly parents as we are the “sandwich generation”.  You may recall that my mother, who just turned 88 years old, suffered a couple of near fatal falls last year, which necessitated her selling her house and moving into a retirement condominium.  The adjustment from living in a house, to a hospital, to a rehab hospital, to a small condo has been difficult.  The process of selling her house, purging the contents accumulated over 50 years, and packing and moving her was particularly exhausting for me and my brother.  I really thank all my patients and friends who supported me by giving me their valuable advice during these stressful periods.  It probably won’t get any easier but at the present time, my mother is stable with a good caregiver (finally), at the very comfortable Markham Mon Sheong Condomium.  Thanks to God, things are looking better.

Last September, I was able visit Japan (which was on my bucket list) on a cruise with my husband, Dr. Ken Lam (who is the medical director for the MD Laser Skin Clinic Medispa on the 2nd floor which we co-own).  For new readers, the Medispa is where I provide cosmetic treatments of Botox, Juvederm Fillers, and Botox Therapeutic therapy for TMJ dysfunction.   Our medical aesthetician, Eva, is an expert at laser hair removal, and many other rejuvenation skin procedures including:  micro-needling and a new line of chemical peels.    We have offered medical grade skin care products and non-surgical anti-aging customized treatments to our clients in a warm and personal atmosphere for over 10 years.   So feel free to visit our website at for more information.

Getting back to my Japan trip, it was totally fantastic.   I’ve never visited so many shrines and temples and they were all so unique in lusciously beautiful settings, I ran out of memory on my phone taking all the pictures.  However, here are a few of my highlights to share with you:

Osaka Castle – built in 1583 by Hideyoshi Toyotomi

At Kasuga Grand Shrine in Nara – where a deer in the park photo-bombed our selfie pic…

 At the Snoopy Museum, Tokyo…  I just love Shoopy!


The Snoopy Museum in Tokyo was wonderful indeed.  I must admit that I am a fanatical fan of Snoopy, and have been a collector of his memorabilia for many years.  When I found out that Japan had a phenomenal Snoopy following, I could not resist dragging my husband to the Snoopy Museum as the first stop in our visit to Japan!   I bought a ton of souvenirs and stationaryJ   Please come to my Lawrence office to see my collection of Christmas Snoopy ornaments and music boxes currently on display until the end of January!!

Before I leave the topic of myself, I must mention one more highlight that occurred this fall – I finally won 3rd Place in the Richmond Hill Blooms 2017 front garden award!!!  After 8 years of hard backbreaking work and many $$ spent on flowers (much to the chagrin of my hubby), I finally held the award plaque in my hand in front of hundreds of botanical enthusiasts on Sept 14th.  All I can say is “WOO HOO!  I can’t wait until next spring!”

2017 Garden Award- 3rd Place … for more of my garden pics, please google `Gardening with Dr. Lily Lo“ -Susan`s Garden Patch- lilygarden


So now onto other updates:  My associates have shared a few photos below…with their comments beneath:

Dr. Adriana Cesnik’s family photo with Hubby Jude, Nicole (age 6), Julian (age 3.75)

-Got a new pet this year – a Beta fish named “Bluey”

-Nicole is in Grade 1, taking piano and jazz; Julian loves to play soccer

– Planning our first big European trip next summer…stay tuned!


Dr. Abid Hidayat and his 2 lovely daughters in Mexico last spring… (Another gallery photo!)

-Sakina (age 5) and Insia ( age 3).   We are finally diaper and formula-free!!


Dr. Sook Yee Chan’s 2 daughters:  Allison (left) & Leanna (right)

– Allison just started her studies in Urban Planning, at UofT

– Leanna is studying psychology at UofT, currently in a co-op placement at the Baycrest Geriatric Centre doing Alzheimer’s research.

– Sook Yee is actively involved in local cat rescue during her spare time… (Btw, does anyone want to adopt a kitty cat?)


Meet Timothy !  Karen’s (our office manager) 1st grandson!

-The young man pictured above just turned 1 year old.

-He is now 14 months and is running around like a bumper car.



Now meet Logan!  Karen’s newest grandson!   Congrats!

        – A cutie at 3 months old. Did Karen ever tell you that boys run in her family?


Finally, just a bit of office news for you

As some of you may have noticed, our Lawrence office has undergone a renovation to update our sterilization area, with new operatory floors and hallway carpet, plus a fresh coat of paint all around.  Along with our new look, we are in the process of developing a new user-friendly website for, featuring a video of our clinic and staff.  It’s not a Hollywood production, but I must say it was quite fun to be involved in a video shoot and feel like a movie star.  The video features our new technology (the Itero Scanner 3-D imaging system for Invisalign and restorative procedures), and provides a nice overview of all our services… not to mention close-ups of some of the doctors and staff.

My thanks to all our volunteer patients who kindly made a cameo appearance in our video!    PLEASE check out our new video on the Lawrence Avenue Dental website at and we thank you for referring your friends to us!  We welcome new patients!

Finally, I will leave you with my Top 10 Celebrity Quotes about Life as a light-hearted ending to this long, but hopefully easy-to-read Christmas newsletter.  From the entire staff at Lawrence Avenue Dental, and 16th Avenue Dental, we wish you all good health, happiness, a wonderful Holiday Season and very Happy New Year!!!

Dr. Lily Lo & Associates and Staff-  2017


Dr. Lo’s TOP 10

Celebrity Quotes About Life!

  1. I’d like to live like a poor man – only with lots of money.  -Pablo Picasso
  2. Money doesn’t make you happy, I now have 50 million but I was just as happy when I had 48 million. – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  3. In my house, I’m the boss. My wife is just the decision maker.   –Woody Allen
  4. Life is very interesting… in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths. – Drew Barrymore
  5. The minute that you’re not learning, I believe you’re dead. – Jack Nicholson
  6. You’re only human. You live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damned red velvet cupcake.   –Emma Stone
  7. Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. – Jules Renard
  8. I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.   – Al Pacino
  9. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.   – Lana Turner
  10. Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.  – Margaret Mead


Cheers and Happy 2018 !!


Lawrence Avenue Dental December 13, 2017