cosmetic dentistry in toronto

Cosmetic Dentistry in Toronto


Cosmetic Dentistry in Toronto

Cosmetic dental treatments are the area of dentistry focused around different methods to improve the appearance of your smile – all with a goal to help you smile with complete confidence.

From teeth whitening, bonding, re-shaping to crowns and veneers, there are numerous of options to help you smile more! With the advancement in technology and tools, Dr. Lily Lo and her associates can perform many cosmetic procedures that are cost-effective with amazing results.

Cosmetic dentistry in Toronto is gaining a lot of popularity and we see more and more new patients wanting to make some changes to their smile.

Lawrence Avenue Dental is a family, cosmetic and Invisalign practice conveniently located at DVP and Lawrence in East end Toronto. We also offer ample free parking.

Listed below are some of the common cosmetic dentistry services we provide in our office:


The bonding procedure is highly affordable and painless where it repairs the chipped teeth, closes the spaces, covers the stained teeth and reshapes them. In this procedure, the tooth-colored resin is used over the defected tooth for a natural look.

For this procedure, the dentist performs etching over the tooth after which the tooth-colored material is placed over the tooth. These restorations last for around several years.


In this procedure, customized shells made up of porcelain are bonded to the tooth surface which improves the look of the teeth. It helps in changing the shape or color of the teeth.

Veneers are the cost-effective procedure where it closes the space between two teeth, repairs the worn or chipped teeth, helps in shaping the impaired or crooked tooth, gives a natural look to the permanently stained teeth.

For this procedure, the dentists in Toronto take an impression of the teeth, buff the teeth before cementation of veneer over the tooth. Laser light is then used to harden this cement that secures veneer over the tooth.


This cosmetic procedure is advised for individuals who have stained or discolored teeth due to certain medications, beetle nut chewing, smoking, drinking beverages or others. It is also advised for people with a huge social circle where they need to be presentable.

The dentists in Toronto will perform this cosmetic procedure with the help of customized whitening trays which can be performed at home as well as in offices.


It helps to restore the tooth giving it a natural shape or appearance. It restores weak, worn out a tooth, broken or discolored tooth. It is made from PFM, metal, resin, and metal-ceramic. Bridges, on the other hand, are also a cosmetic dental procedure where multiple missing teeth are replaced. It is made up of porcelain, gold, alloys or combination of both. For both the procedures, a dental impression is taken which is sent to the lab for fabrication of bridges and crowns.

Other effective cosmetic procedures are also performed at Lawrence Avenue Dental include clear braces, enamel contouring and shaping along with the periodontal procedures like gum contouring and others.

If you are feeling self-concious about your smile, don’t hold back and give us a call today. Our dental team at Lawrence Avenue Dental in Toronto would love to look after your smile.

Lawrence Avenue Dental April 5, 2019