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Crowns Or Bridges Which Is A Better Choice For You

Unless you know what a crown bridge Toronto is you really cannot make an informed decision as to which would be the better choice for yourself.

The difference between crowns and bridges

While both are attached dental pieces directly on the tooth they work slightly differently.

The crown

A crown is used to cover the top of an injured tooth.

Besides reinforcing the injured tooth they can also be utilized to help with alignment, change the shape, and help the teeth have a better appearance.

There are a few other reason a crown might be used including;
• Restore a large filling where the tooth is too thin
• Shield a fragile tooth
• Refurbish a broken tooth
• Fasten a bridge
• Protect a tooth that has had a root canal

The bridge

The bridge is employed to take the place of missing teeth in order to keep the others from shifting and twisting.

You have a selection in materials that are used to make the bridge and once the bridge is ready it is then attached to the teeth on either side of the empty space.

What is the lifespan of crowns and bridges

It depends on different factors but crowns and bridges can last a lifespan. However, they can become slack or drop out at times.

A bridge can become loose if the tooth that anchors it becomes damaged or the bone becomes diseased.

Talk to your dentist about a crown bridge Toronto.

The best way to help with keeping your crowns or bridges is to follow good oral hygiene; and also, see your dentist twice a year for regular checkups and cleanings.

One other thing to remember when it comes to protecting your crown or bridge is do not chew hard food items such as hard candy or ice.

Lawrence Avenue Dental January 30, 2018