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How Much Does Filling Cavities Cost in Toronto?

As one of the most common treatments, it is useful to know how much filling cavities cost Toronto. The answer will depend on a number of factors, but it is possible to gain a good idea of how much you are likely to pay before you go to the dentist.

What Influences Cost?

Factors that can influence the cost of fillings include the dentist you choose, whether you have dental insurance, and the size of the cavity. Plus, if you are anxious about receiving the treatment, you may want to opt for sedation, which may increase the price slightly.

The Average Cost of Filling a Cavity

A small tooth filling made from amalgam may cost no more than $80. Porcelain fillings are more expensive, at around $200, but they are more aesthetically-pleasing. They are also more durable, making them a good investment. For a large porcelain filling you can expect to pay more — typically around $325.

What Does the Price Include?

The price you pay to fill a cavity will cover the entire procedure. This begins with an examination of your tooth to determine the extent and location of the decay. Your Toronto dentist will use a probe, caries-detecting liquid, and X-rays.

Next, you will discuss options with your dentist to decide on material. You should take into consideration appearance, number of appointments, biting strength (due to location), and durability. Depending on what you choose, you may be able to receive your filling immediately.

The procedure for the filling starts with a local anesthetic. Your dentist then removes the decay and fills the space with your chosen material. Finally, your dentist will offer you advice for preventing further decay.

At Lawrence Dental Clinic, we offer dental fillings as part of our general dentistry Toronto services. Schedule a consultation to learn about our costs.

Lawrence Avenue Dental February 16, 2018