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How Long Should I Wait to Eat After Getting a Filling in Toronto?

After getting a filling Toronto, your mouth will be numb from the anesthesia. This can make eating dangerous, as you could accidentally bite your tongue or injure the soft tissues of your mouth. Your mouth may also feel sore and your teeth sensitive for a while. By being careful about when and what you eat, you can reduce discomfort.

When Can You Eat?

After receiving a filling, you will likely need to wait around one hour before you can eat. Your Toronto dentist will advise you on the exact amount of time you need to wait according to factors like the type of filling you received and how long it will take the anesthesia to wear off.

Eating Tips

When you can eat, chew slowly and carefully. Biting too hard will put undue pressure on your teeth and may cause pain. You should also favour the opposite side of your mouth to the filling.

Steer clear of sticky and hard foods immediately after you receive a filling, especially if your filling is made from amalgam. In rare cases, foods like nuts, hard candy, ice, and gum can pull out a filling before it has had time to set.

To avoid exacerbating sensitivity, keep your mouth closed as you chew. Allowing cold air to enter can lead to greater sensitivity. For the same reason, choose foods and beverages at moderate temperatures. Very hot and very cold temperatures can cause pain.

Finally, forgo sweet foods for the time being. Not only does sugar sometimes aggravate sensitivity, it can also lead to bacteria building up around a new filling, causing further decay.

Whether you want an amalgam, gold, porcelain, or ceramic filling, Lawrence Dental is your best choice. We will help you choose the right type of filling for you and provide you with all the aftercare instructions you need to keep your teeth healthy after the procedure.

Lawrence Avenue Dental April 8, 2018