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Nitrous Oxide Sedation In Dentistry

If you have ever been sedated at the dentist, then chances are it was a nitrous oxide that was used.

What is nitrous oxide

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is a colorless, semi-sweet smelling, nonflammable gas that can be used for a mild sedation.

Typically nitrous oxide lasts about 5 minutes. If the dentist needs you sedated longer they will add another agent with it.

How is nitrous oxide used

Nitrous oxide used in dentistry is typically inhaled through a mask.

This is known as inhaled minimal sedation.

For some, this just relaxes them and does not actually put them to sleep. However, if byou do go to sleep with nitrous oxide during minimal sedation you can easily be awoken with a gentle shake.

There are other uses for nitrous oxide sedation Toronto which include; semiconductor manufacturing, auto racing, and food handling.

What are the results of nitrous oxide in dentistry

The results of nitrous oxide in dentistry are; to help the patient relax, feel less pain, and have no memory of the procedure.

This is important for younger children and even adults who have high anxiety issues.

By using nitrous oxide to reduce the anxiety and have less memory of the procedure children are less afraid of going to the dentist; that helps set up a good oral health program for life.

Side effects of nitrous oxide

The actual amount of people who experience side effects from nitrous are extremely low, however, the side effects that can happen are;
• Headache
• Shaking as if cold
• Perspiring
• Weariness

Nothing extremely dangerous just more of annoyance but if you experience any of these side effects contact your dentist right away.

Generally, nitrous oxide sedation Toronto is completely safe with a very few people ever experiencing any lasting side effects from it.

Lawrence Avenue Dental February 6, 2018