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Doing Root Canal Therapy In Toronto

You are in the dentist chair because your one tooth has been giving you pain for a few days or a week and your dentist says “You need root canal therapy.”

Do not freak out, having a root canal therapy Toronto can save your tooth instead of it having to be extracted.

What is root canal therapy?

It is a procedure in which the pulp of the tooth is removed and then the tooth is filled and sealed.

Why have root canal treatments?

The reasons for a root canal treatment are;
• Inflammation and infection
• Decay that is deep inside the tooth and root
• There have been repeated procedures done to that tooth or to teeth around     it causing injury to the tooth

If you do not treat the underlying inflammation or infection with a root canal it will persist and could lead to a painful abscess.

Root canal therapy prices

Root canals run between $650.00 and $2500.00; it depends on what work has to be done, local pain medication, filling materials, and other factors.

How much your dental insurance will cover is going to depend on your policy.

How is a root canal therapy done

To get started there will be an exam and an x-ray by the endodontist. You will also get a local anesthetic.
1. Once the tooth is numb a protective barrier is placed around the tooth
2. A very small hole is put in the crown, the pulp is cleaned, and the area is         made ready for filling.
3. The filling is put in with an adhesive material to make certain that the             root(s) are covered so they do not cause pain.
4. Once the endodontist is done, you will need to get a crown from your                  regular dentist.

Root canal therapy Toronto cost roughly the same as elsewhere.

Lawrence Avenue Dental March 27, 2018