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Sedation Dentistry Toronto

Sedation Dentistry Toronto

Many children and even adults are scared at just the thought of going to the dentist.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry Toronto puts you under sedation during procedures so that you have less pain.

You will not be awake during drilling to fix a cavity or extract a tooth.

Sedation is also used during oral surgery and for total extraction in which every tooth you have is pulled.

Forms of dental sedation

There are a few forms of dental sedation;

1. Nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) this is breathed in through a mask.
2. Oral sedation is normally a Halcion pill taken an hour before time, some people become groggy enough to actually go to sleep but can be woken with a gentle shake.
3. IV sedation generally goes to work the fast since it is put right into the blood stream through a vein.
4. Profound sedation or general anesthesia does not allow the patient to wake up easily; it normally has to wear off.

How do patients benefit from sedation

For patients who have an extreme fear of going to the dentist can now go and ge te.

Of course there are other reasons to use sedation;

1. A patient with a large amount of dental work being done,
2. Very sensitive teach can be taken care of with sedation.
3.There are some with a very bad gag reflex.
4. Someone with an extremely low threshold of pain is a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

If you are looking for dentist in Toronto we offer nitrous oxide. All our dentists are well trained and can legally perform sedation even on children who may be terrified to come to the dentist.

Contact us, your Toronto Dentist to discuss how we can help you relieve your stress and anxiety for the next visit.

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