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Toronto Is Your Smile Crooked

If you have crooked teeth, your smile is affected as you do not want to smile and show your teeth.

How do crooked teeth affect you

Not only do crooked teeth affect your smile but they also affect your oral health and overall health.

Crooked teeth can are caused by 4 things; genetics, bad habits, injury, and timing.

Genetics are the uncontrollable reason of crooked teeth; you cannot control your genes so you have no choice in whether your teeth are straight, small, or big.

Bad habits include sucking a thumb or pacifier. While it may not be visible in the early years, you may find in the years to come that the teeth have come in crooked.

Injury such as facial damage to the jaw or mouth can cause crooked teeth.

Timing, the adult teeth are below the baby teeth which help guide the adult teeth in when they come. If the baby teeth are injured from bad habits, playing rough, or an accidental injury to the mouth or jaw where the tooth is knocked out early, the adult tooth is very likely to come in crooked.

Crooked teeth Toronto are much hard to brush and clean which can lead to decay of the tooth causing you to smile less in order to hide your crooked teeth.

Straightening crooked teeth

Today there are a number of ways to straighten your teeth including the latest technology; Invisalign the absolute clear choices in braces.

Traditional braces are also still available.

Braces are no longer just for the teens, these days you will also find that the clear choice.

The benefits of straight teeth are healthier gums, prevents uneven wear of teeth, decrease in headaches, easier to clean and floss.

If you have crooked teeth Toronto, stop by and make an appointment with one of our orthodontists.

Lawrence Avenue Dental March 20, 2018